Welcome to our new website!

SOOO excited about having this fabulous new website (Thank you Design Action Collective)!!! Hopefully, this will soon be the ONLY place to get our music (digital or hard copies). The idea is to get rid of all the fat middlemen (itunes, amazon, etc.) who insert themselves between you and us, doing NOTHING but eating up revenue from our humble sales. So we’re taking a page out of Prince’s book and disconnecting from them – HOORAY!!!  Of course it will only work with your help, so please let folks know about our new site and effort!

We are also super pumped about the upcoming shows, particularly Unusual Standards at SFJAZZ on Sunday, March 2nd featuring my Sextet with four AWESOME Bay Area vocal magicians: Faye Carol, Kenny Washington, Kellye Gray and Destani Wolf!  The last coople shows we did there sold out, so please get your tix early, as it’s going to be a memorable one!  Hope to see you there!