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Art of the Descarga! Filosofía Caribeña 3!

Our brand new CD Art of the Descarga is out on the prestigious Smithsonian Folkways label and I couldn’t possibly be more excited about it! The new CD features a great line up of incredible musicians and composers:
John Calloway – flute, piano
Charlie Gurke – saxophones
Marco Díaz – piano, trumpet
Saúl Sierra – bass
David Flores – drums
John Santos – percussion, coro

Special guests:
Orestes Vilató – timbales
Jerry González – trumpet
Orlando “Maraca” Valle – flute
Anthony Blea – violins
Pedro Pastrana – cuatro puertorriqueño
Tito Matos – percussion
Juan “Juango” Gutiérrez – percussion, coro
Alex LaSalle – percussion, coro
Héctor Lugo – percussion, coro
Orlando Torriente – vocals
Willie Ludwig – coro
Julia Gutiérrez – coro
Sandra García Rivera – coro
Rico Pabón – coro

Jeremy Goody – engineer
Pete Reiniger – mastering engineer

My relationship with Folkways goes back to the late 70s and 80s writing liner notes for some of their historic Cuban recordings! Not to mention having learned a great deal from their historic release of Afro-Cuban music from 1940! I have also been associated with the Smithsonian through being part of their Latin Jazz Advisory Committee (1999-2002), co-producing their Grammy-nominated Para Todos Ustedes by Los Pleneros de la 21 in 2004, and performing in the Smithsonian American Folklife Festival and the opening of the National Museum of African American History and culture in 2016. I have the utmost respect for all that they represent. Being a Smithsonian Folkways artist is something that I will always be grateful for.
For more info about the new CD or to stock up for X-mas, please visit

Our fundraising efforts were cut short by the pandemic, but we did succeed in raising some funds and received a generous grant from the East Bay Fund for Artists so we will release Filosofía 3, but not in December as originally planned. Everything has been pushed back indefinitely. As of the moment, we are shooting for a February release. 1000 thanks to all who contributed to the fundraising effort during the brief period when it was public in March. Your patience and generosity are greatly appreciated!