Thank you for visiting this site. SOOO excited about having this fabulous new website (Thank you Design Action Collective)!!! Hopefully, this will soon be the ONLY place to get our music (digital or hard copies). The idea is to get rid of all the fat middlemen (itunes, amazon, etc.) who insert themselves between you and us, doing NOTHING but eating up revenue from our humble sales.

During these troubling times of absurd misleadership, deception and injustice, the arts remain one of the only consistently unifying, affirming, love-promoting elements we have and can rely on. Your support is crucial in every way. We will continue to teach celebration of diversity, mutual respect and justice for ALL despite the BS being slung at us every day by the ton. If you believe in brotherhood, sisterhood and equal opportunity, please be active in the movement against the divisive fear-mongering that has underhandedly taken over the highest offices in the land. We urgently need your help in resisting and eliminating the hate that has seized the day. In solidarity . . .